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HI!! I am not sure if everyone booked their hotel room before they committed and were able to get a reasonable price at the Westin. I did find out this week that prices at the Westin have gone up considerably since the invite went out (they are about double). I also didn't realize there are no rooms that have two beds (beyond 2 bedroom suites). That said, I hope it goes without saying that the reason Ebie and I got a large suite was to offer a home base for all. So if you need to to stay somewhere else due to the price of the Westin, please do so!

Hotels nearby:

The River Terrace Inn - 370 ft away

Andaz Napa - 0.5 miles (about a 15 min walk)

Archer - 0.4 miles (about a 10 min walk)

You can also do a quick drive to spots like the Hampton Inn or the Embassy Suites which are each about a mile or so away.

Hope this is helpful. The last thing I want if for this to be a financial burden on anyone so if you need to cancel for that reason, I completely understand. Just let us know if that is the case in the next week or so as we have been finalizing reservations and our size changes where we can/can’t go. Truly, do not feel pressured to come just because I invited you, especially if it’s a financial burden. The fact that you wanted to join is enough and we will have plenty of opportunity to celebrate together in the future! I want this to be fun for all and not stressful!



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