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Snow Day unWINEd

Today is my first "snow day" as an adult. Having spent most of my life in south Florida a storm

almost always involved rain and wind. Now that I have moved "north", there is a new storm in town (for me at least). I realize that I don't have the same benefits that snow days had when I as a child in Pennsylvania. Thanks to remote work, I was able to work from home instead of the office, but work a full day I did. The benefit for me comes after work, when I am home alone and snowed in, no delivery in sight. What do I have to get me through this "storm"? The answer is always wine of course.

What wine do I choose though? There are so many options. Unfortunately, my refrigerator is not as well stocked as my wine cellar, so we are limited in terms of pairings. I definitely want something bold that warm me up from the inside out. Something like my favorite everyday wine, Penfold's Bin 389 ($50) would be ideal. (Please note, I realize that is this is not a realistic "every day wine", but I get a good enough deal on it, that I purchase by the case so it does flow freely in my home. The issue is the food selection I have for this evening. With delivery closed and my lack of preparation, I am relegated to frozen food. Thankfully thanks to my Italian heritage, my freezer is ALWAYS stocked with homemade pasta sauce. It's always ready to save a day such as this one.

As I peruse my wine cellar, I look for an Italian grape that will go nice with a savory tomato

sauce. Since I am alone this evening, I want something nice, but not anything I would prefer to share with others. I settle on a bottle of Antica Sangiovese 2018 ($45). The

grape is made for tomato sauce. Antica is Antinori's Napa vineyard so you can get Italian style wine at a fraction of the cost. This one is silky, has ripe red fruit and black spice. There finish is long and it lingers with a hint of tannins to make my mouth water for my pasta. I am happy to say that I have chosen well and as I begin glass number two, I am feeling warmer already.

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